The Go-To Product Of The Post Covid-19 World

We all know the facts of Covid-19 life, we just lived it, and many are still living it. Needless to say this virus has caused global mayhem in more ways than one. Millions have already been infected. And whilst the rate of recovery in some parts of the world is starting show positive signs, other parts are only just starting to feel the full force of this monster.
The virus is spreading rapidly and doing so primarily through human contact. Droplets cause the virus to spread to those not yet infected. Sneezing, coughing, hands touching objects and others, are some of the more identified ways we infect each other.
Our hands are among the most essential tools of life, and we unconsciously allow them to explore all that is around us. Given what we have learnt from the Covid-19 epidemic, keeping our hands clean is now an essential part of our hygiene culture.
The Journey.
We all touch our face, mouth, and eyes more times per day than we realize. On our journey from A to B, We touch objects such as handrails, doorknobs, and all sorts of buttons. And then there is the fuel pump, the air pump, the bank teller, the vending machine, taxi or Uber, the bus, tram, ferry, and the train.
Once we arrive, danger spots surround us. Shopping for clothing, groceries, even dining at a restaurant, drinking a beer, playing your favorite poker machine or having a coffee, the list is endless.
The Workplace
Most of us spend a great proportion of our day at work. That will adjust, no doubt, with the Covid-19 lock down evolution of remote employment.
However, for many of us, we will still be interacting with others, daily, at a central working location. Frequently interact with items such as documents, door handles, desks and the all mighty lever at the water cooler.
The Role Of Hand Sanitizer In Post Covid-19 World.
Attitudes have no doubt change toward little things like cleaning your hands. Sure, there is the soap and water, but what happens when you can not get to a bathroom, or you simply do not have the time?
Hand sanitiser is the post Covid-19 go-to product in societies fight to reduce the rate at which the virus spreads.
We have been told over the past 3 months by everyone from health professionals, down to the all knowledgeable politicians, that cleaning your hands by either washing them or using hand sanitizer will reduce the possibility of potential infection.
The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol volume will in fact act as a first-line defense against the Covid-19 virus. Clean hands, Safer Care hand sanitizer strategy will help to reduce the colonization of the virus.
Our natural need and desire to let our hands wonder and explore, requires an antidote. One that can aid in preventing viruses of today and tomorrow from locking us down again.
The SaferCare hand sanitizer gel, fighting the virus lock-down one drop at a time!
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