COVERiT Ventures developing inroads into the NSW Club market!

COVERiT Ventures Pty Ltd has been developing inroads into the New South Wales with its SaferCare Hand Sanitiser product range.

“We are pushing ahead with our B2B Direct customer acquisition strategy. Our list as of 1st of July consists of over 120 clubs including the likes of City of Sydney RSL, North Ryde RSL, Dora Creek Workers Club and Club Redfern.

It’s not just the club market, we are making further inroads into the overstocked pharmacy market.

Our product is allowing pharmacies to regain losses on other hand sanitiser products they purchased during the price gauging time throughout the first Covid-19 wave. 

Price gauging sales reps from distributors Australia wide took advantage of the market desperation, by overstocking Pharmacies at inflated prices. It’s bordering on unethical trade practices. To minimize downside exposure whilst clearing those over inflated items, Pharmacies introduce the fair priced SaferCare hand sanitiser and regain some, if not all loses whilst clearing”. Director, COVERiT Ventures Pty Ltd, Martin Stevens

COVERiT Ventures Pty Ltd with its SaferCare Hand Sanitiser range is establishing itself as a fair price for premium quality product supplier.

“Our products are fair price products, as we enter a second wave of Covid-19 infections in Australia, our company is determined to keep the market honest. COVERiT Ventures SaferCare 500mL bottles of hand sanitiser from @ $3.95 are quickly becoming the benchmark in the industry. SaferCare hand sanitiser products being Australian Lab Tested with an Australian issued Safety Data Sheet, reassures the buyer of what they are going to receive” Says Martin Stevens